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  • Tell me about your clever or creative use of STL algorithms!

    I am looking for examples of really clever or creative applications of STL algorithms to solve problems.

    I am working on a book on STL algorithm usage.  You folks are all much smarter than me, so I would love to add some amazing examples of any and all algorithms in the STL tool chest, with generous attribution to the authors!

    C++11/14 or C++98 are both great.  We have people trying to solve problems in both the old and new worlds, so solutions in either are fine.  Lambdas?  Sure!  Bind?  No problem.

    So if you’ve solved some problems creatively with clever use of one or more STL algorithms, please share it with the world.  If it looks good, I’ll post it on my blog and consider it for inclusion as an example in the book.

    Please comment below or email me